Sinan Ayyıldız

Turkish bağlama player

Sinan Ayyildiz studied at the Turkish State Music Conservatory in Istanbul and was named best modern folk musician by the 2013 Troya Awards in Turkey.  He plays a long-necked (sometimes double-necked) Turkish stringed instrument called the bağlama (pronounced BAH-le-mah) in a style called şelpe (pronounced SHEL-pee), which involves an overhand 8-finger tapping technique.  He has made several appearances on Turkish national television. He has toured internationally with the groups Et-nika and Mesel, the latter project including kamancheh virtuoso Uğur Önür.  Sinan is now an associate professor at Ankara Music and Fine Arts University, where he continues to give stunning concert performances.  On Departure, he makes several spotlight appearances, most notably in the final track “Transformation”, a string masterpiece which bears testimony to Sinan’s genius as a composer and performer.