Patrick Archie


Patrick Archie is the producer of Stereognosis® and the founder of Estesh3ar Records, LLC. He co-composed, recorded, edited, arranged, and produced the 2010 Stereognosis album, The Hybrid. The recording process involved 16 different musicians (including himself) from 8 different countries over 4 years. Patrick coordinated the 08/29/13 live performance at the Allberta Rose Theatre, where he played lead guitar on Seven Veils of Sacramonte and rhythm buzuq on Amih.  Over the next 4 years, Patrick organized an epic gathering in Stockholm which occurred in October 2017.  He scouted 10 master musicians originating from 9 different countries.  Music represented the one common language everyone spoke fluently.  From 5 days of rehearsal, Patrick selected 10 song ideas to develop and record at RMV Studio.  After 5 days of recording in the studio, Patrick arranged for the filming of 2 music videos featuring Bboy Neguin and live graffiti by artist Omar Kabbani of Ashekman.  For examples of Patrick’s previous compositions and performances, check out Clouds Over Alhambra and Moving Mountains from Stereognosis’ 2005 demo, Oneirism.