Omar Kabbani


Omar Kabbani performed live graffiti for the 2 Stereognosis music videos.  Omar and his brother Mohammed create innovative, iconic urban murals under the name Ashekman.  Their heroic #operationsalam attracted the attention of CNN, who published the article “How graffiti artists turned former warring areas into a giant artwork for peace.”  Ashekman has given urban art workshops to school children in Armenia.  They have lectured at TEDxBeirut and partnered with Dubai International Film Festival.  Red Bull invited them to paint a giant grendizer mural as part of Kuwait’’s Urban Cuture Week in 2017.  Incidentally, Ashekman also produces their own hiphop and market their own clothing line.  They created the album art for Restless Leg Syndrome’s LP Dabkeh, and subsequently designed the cover art for Stereognosis’ LP, Departure.