Miles Jay

American Upright Bassist

Miles Jay is an upright bassist, composer, producer, and instrument maker/inventor.   He has performed and recorded extensively throughout Egypt, Lebanon, Syria, Greece, and the Persian Gulf. Miles has appeared onstage with Youssou N’dourZiad RahbaniNaseer Shamma, and Omar Faruk Tekbilek, in venues ranging from Carnegie Hall in New York, the Emirates Palace in Dubai, to TED 2013.  He formerly served as the Music Director of the Nile Project.  He produced Egyptian superstar Dina el Wedidi’s 2014 album “Turning Back,” featuring Brazilian legend and multiple Grammy winner Gilberto Gil.  Miles is also a Sundance Film Composers fellow.  He co-scored the Oscar-qualified documentary, “Through a Lens Darkly, Black Photographers and the Emergence of a People,” with Living Colour’s Vernon Reid.  He also composed the score for the documentary, Resistance at Tule Lake.  Miles was interviewed on Swedish TV4’s segment on Stereognosis entitled “Beatbox builds bridges between people”.  He was the only musician featured on all 10 of the tracks on the new Stereognosis LP, playing not only upright bass, but also buzuklyrakrar, and mbira.  Miles’ unmistakable creative vision can be felt in literally every song of the new Stereognosis LP, leaving listeners moved beyond words.