Jayton of the Mad Twinz

Russian beatboxer

Jayton and his brother Pash form the Mad Twinz.  This duet from Kaliningrad went viral with their winning performance at the International Grand Beatbox Battle Tagteam Championship in 2017.   At 21 years of age, the twins gave a freestyle performance in Berlin in 2012, the prodigiousness of which was perhaps best illustrated by the reaction of French beatboxer (and current solo world champion), Alem.  At the 2015 Grand Beatbox Bottle, Jayton gave this legendary battle performance.  In the years that followed, the Mad Twinz signature style of swung, bass-heavy trap, trapstep, and dnb breaks became unmistakable and prolific.  The twins notably collaborated with UK beatboxer Reeps One and released a dope miniature sample library called EDMBOX on loopmasters.  Under the project titled SOUNDHUNTER they have produced groovy dancefloor arrangements from field recordings that come nothing short of genius.  Watch for Jayton in the Stereognosis music video for “Farewell” and listen for him on the third Departure track “Journey”, with its Kurdish House vibe.