Endris Hassen

Ethiopian masenqo player

Endris Hassen was born in Wolo, Ethiopia in 1977.  He began learning masenquo (Ethiopian spike fiddle) at the age of 21.   Endris has performed with the prestigious Nile Project  ensemble and Ethiocolor.  He has recorded  with the “Ethiolicious Afro-Pop band” MistO-MistO, the traditional Ethiopian ensemble Fendika, and the Ethio-Fusion band Damakase featuring banjo player Cory Seznec.  In October 2017, he joined Stereognosis in Stockholm and collaborated with beatboxer Beat Rhino to develop one of the album’s central grooves, featured in TV4’s interview segment entitled “Beatbox builds bridges between people“.   Endris appears in the Stereognosis music video for “Celebration”, which also features B-Boy Neguin and graffiti artist Omar Kabbani of Ashekman.   Listen for him in Departure’s opening track “Nostalgia” featuring upright bass, krar, and lyre by Miles Jay and beatboxing by the Mad Twinz.  Here he is shredding masenquo for the Nile Project in Addis Ababa: