Beat Rhino

American beatboxer

Beat Rhino came to the US from South Korea when he was 10 years old.   He started beatboxing when he was 14.   At 19, he became the first American to represent the US at the Grand Beatbox Battle when he won the 2013 wildcard competition with this video performance.  Later that same year in August, he won the 2013 US beatbox championship.  In September, he appeared with Two.H in this tag team freestyle and then performed with Stereognosis at the Alberta Rose Theatre in Portland, OR.  In early 2015, he delivered his burning “Speed Only” performance on  In April 2016, he delivered a stunning showcase at the Grand Beatbox Battle that opened with his sick trap remix of Jay Z’s “Dirt Off Your Shoulder.”  In October 2017, he joined Stereognosis for the session in Stockholm and collaborated with Ethiopian masenqo player Endriss Hassan to develop one of the album’s central grooves, featured in TV4’s interview segment entitled “Beatbox builds bridges between people”.  In February 2018, Beat Rhino won the San Diego Battle At The Dojo Beatbox Battle.  Look for him in the Stereognosis music video for “Celebration”, which also features B-Boy Neguin and Beirut graffiti artist Omar Kabbani of Ashekman.