Japanese beatboxer

Bataco grew up in Kobe, Japan, and started learning to beatbox when he was 15 years old.  Eight years later, he entered the 2016 Grand Beatbox “7 TO SMOKE” Battle as an unknown underdog, and he exited as a new school heavyweight.  With a distinctly calm-yet-calculated battle presence, Bataco delivered several stunning upsets and shined distinctly during his encounters with Dharni, B-Art, and Bloomer.  That same year, he released this video showcasing some of his signature drops and breaks.  In October 2017, Bataco joined Stereognosis in Stockholm, where he incidentally filmed this winning wildcard performance for the GBB 2018.  He subsequently became the 2017 Asian Beatbox Champion after several amazing performances including this insane battle with Show-Go.  Bataco makes a prominent appearance on the forthcoming Stereognosis LP, contributing many innovative rhythms and textures.  In this snippet from “Ascent”, he can be heard with Abbos Kosimov and Miles Jay, and seen with the visual wizardry of b-boy Neguin