Abbos Kosimov

Uzbek hand percussionist

Abbos Kosimov is a master percussionist from Uzbekistan. His principal instrument is called the doyra, a frame drum with metal rings suspended from the perimeter of the rear surface. He also plays the qayroqs, the darbuka, the dof, and the riqq. Abbos has toured with Zakir Hussain’s Masters of Percussion .  He has recorded with Stevie Wonder.  He has also performed with the Kronos Quartet and Bela Fleck.  Abbos was prominently featured in this beautiful video of the Homayoun Sakhi trio, and his solo album, Infinite Rhythm, is now available for purchase at iTunes.  Listen for his hand drumming genius alongside the Mad Twinz and Arslan Hazreti in one of the two forthcoming Stereognosis music videos featuring B-Boy Neguin and Beirut graffiti artist Omar Kabbani of Ashekman.  Here he is giving a standing-ovation performance with Stereognosis at the Alberta Rose Theatre in Portland, OR: