Estesh3ar Records and present the music video for “Celebration”, the first single from the new 11-track Stereognosis® LP, Departure (now out on vinyl and all digital platforms).

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Video by Dawnrunner, Inc.

#DepartureTheAlbum was created by 10 master musicians from across the globe who spoke 9 different languages. Most of them had never met before. After 5 days of rehearsal, the musicians recorded for 5 more days at RMV Studio in Stockholm. New school beatboxing was combined with old school strings and percussion from the Cradle of Civilization. This was the music that brought us together. Album credits for this track are as follows: “Beatbox by Beat Rhino and Bataco. Upright bass by Miles Jay. Masenqo by Endriss Hassen. Bağlama by Sinan Ayyıldız. Percussion by Naghib Shanbehzadeh. Initial concept by Beat Rhino and Endris Hassen. Final melody by Endris Hassen and Sinan Ayyıldız”. #stereognosis #departurethealbum #newschoolbeatbox #musicwithoutborders #commonhumanity