Trailer for new documentary:
Urban Beats & Ancient Melodies:  The Stereognosis Story
is now out on

Music Video Filmed and edited by Dawnrunner.  Music in this trailer came from 4th track on #departurethealbum, “Journey”.  [Album credits for this track are as follows: “Beatbox by Jayton & Bataco. Upright bass by Miles Jay. Kamança by Arslan Hazreti. Bağlama by Sinan Ayyıldız. Percussion by Naghib Shanbehzadeh. Initial concept was new arrangement of traditional Kurdish folk song “Ez kevok im”, melody from which was adapted by Arslan Hazreti & Sinan Ayyıldız over a house beat developed by Jayton & Bataco. Kamancha solo melody composed by Arslan Hazreti”.]

#departurethealbum now available at
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#departurethealbum features 4 heavyweight beatboxers (@jayton_beats , @pash_beat, @arkatoni, and @beatrhino) + 6 masters of strings and percussion from the Horn of Africa and the Levantine corridor (@endrismasinqo , @arslan_hazreti, @sinanayyildiz, @abboskosimov, & @naghibofficial, @milesjaymusica). These 10 musicians (most of whom had never met each other before) spoke NINE different languages.  Music represented their primary means of communication.  The album was recorded at @riksmixningsverket in Stockholm and mixed at Immersion Sound in LA by @phillipbroussardjr (@eminem, @justintimberlake, @adele). It was @masteredbymike  Bozzi (@childishgambino, @kendricklamar, @anderson._paak). Album also features #dubremix by special guest @sparkeestarkx.

By combining #beatboxing with ancient instrumentation from the Cradle of Civilization, @stereognosis ultimately aims to emphasize the shared origins of the human species.