Stereognosis® combines epic heavyweight beatboxers with virtuoso percussionists and stringed instrumentalists from the Middle East and Africa.  Our forthcoming LP presents hard-hitting, modern, urban beats which converse fluently with ancient folkloric melodies and rhythms from the cradle of civilization.  Recorded at RMV in Stockholm by LA engineer Phillip Broussard, music from the new album will soon appear in 2 music videos featuring cirque du soleil b-boy Neguin, Lebanese graffiti crew Ashekman, and the following 10 master musicians:


Pash of The Mad Twinz

Russian beatboxer

Jayton of the Mad Twinz

Russian beatboxer

Beat Rhino

American beatboxer


Japanese beatboxer

Abbos Kosimov

Uzbek hand percussionist

Arslan Hazreti

Azerbaijani kamancha player

Sinan Ayyıldız

Turkish bağlama player

Endris Hassen

Ethiopian masenqo player

Miles Jay

American Upright Bassist

Naghib Shanbehzadeh

Persian hand percussionist

Stereognosis® presents a timely cross-cultural collaboration arising from live organic elements.  We welcome guests of this new (and evolving) website to follow us on INSTAGRAM for exclusive trailer content.  To subscribe to our mailing list for the latest Stereognosis® updates, please enter your email address below and click “Subscribe”.